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Hey! Nice of you to visit my personal site, Thank you!

I am a Full Stack developer that specializes at frontend, backend integration, If you are lucky you can catch me doing some UX design.

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who am i

I've been coding for 6 years now and currently working as a Full Stack Developer focusing on frontend web development and mobile development.

Even 3D model integration, WebGL stuff now, how time flies!

Here are few technologies that are my cup of tea coffee .

  • C# - .NET.Core
  • Javascript (ES6+)
  • Typescript
  • Node
  • Graphql
  • React
  • NextJS
  • Docker

Where have I worked

Since 2017, had a privilege to work with various team of students and companies which let me learn new technologies and made me what I am today. I always have a special place in my heart for those teams and companies. I Currently work at Pego.

Full Stack Developer#Pego

Feb 2021 - Present

  • Started as an early member of PEGO, working on various cutting edge Technologies for Smart workplace and Hygiene.
  • Worked on Apis, WebApps, and Cloud Services
  • WebGL and 3D model Integration to web

Some of my works.

Hey! Here are some of my works I do in my free time. All projects are open source and are under MIT-License. Projects can be found here.

#01 CyberTruck

A CyberTruck concept landing page where you can customize your cybertruck in 3D with different color for each body parts. This project is built with NextJS, ThreeJS, ThreeFiber and more.

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Demotivation API
#02 Demotivation API

A GraphQL API for getting random demotivational quotes or all the quotes. This is a Open API hosed on heroku with GraphQL playground to play with.

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#03 Negative Space

A NextJS project consuming Demotivation quotes API showing random quotes everytime requested. This project also uses Framer Motion for animation.

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Negative Space
Smooth Scroll Boilerplate
#04 Smooth Scroll Boilerplate

This is a head start boilerplate for people who wants to build a SPA application with nextJS, Storybook, ChakraUI with smooth scroll

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Dev.to blog

I publish my project blog with documentation, dev related things and sometimes even I write about my story.

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Demotivation Quotes API (GraphQL + ApolloServer + nodejs)

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NextJS + ChakraUI + Storybook Smooth scroll boilerplate (TypeScript)

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Nov 16 '21

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